Permanent Foster and Hospice


At first glance, you would think this little one is frail, meek and mild. That she wants and needs your help to do everything and anything.

You would think this because when Olive was found, she was blind, mostly deaf, filthy and emaciated. In fact, she only weight 9.6 lbs! Her poor little spine curved and deformed. She was taken to Miami Dade Animal Services and that’s when CPR got the call that she was not adoptable and needed immediate rescue. CPR rushed in for this girl, because it is exactly what we do, when they have no one else. A kind and always ready rescue volunteer picked her up from the shelter and drove this little one to our Vet where she was deemed as definitely in her golden years and in the “end stages of life”.

After cleaning her up, getting her on antibiotics for skin infection, packing her ears – they were infected too, de-worming her and getting her severely dry eyes in check, lab work was done. The very sad thing is that there was no medical reason for her to be so emaciated. We can only assume that she was just not being fed.

Yes, you would definitely think this little one’s spirit had been broken by all of the obvious neglect. But, we pug lovers know otherwise. The true Pug Spirit shines bright in this little one. She is feisty! She is determined! She, little Olive, is a fighter!

Today, in her forever foster home, she is now at 11.8 lbs and counting! She is a demanding little Diva, always knowing when it is time for fresh water to be put in the bowl, or a chewy treat is in order. Olive’s almost silent bark tells you it’s time to take her out or that you’re late with a meal. She will not be held a second longer than she wants to be. She, little Olive, has captured the hearts of many, especially her foster Mom’s.

We all wish little Olive many happy healthy days, weeks, months, years ahead.

Thanks to your support of this rescue, we can continue to provide this kind of rescue, rehabilitation and continued “fospice” care.

Missie and Boysie

Missie and Boysie are engaged in a tragic love story and are a bonded pair.
They came to Compassionate Pug Rescue as owner surrender euthanasia requests probably due to fears of significant medical issues and the ensuing costs of veterinary care.  Boysie was covered in motor oil possibly as a failed flea treatment.  The results were severe skin irritation that caused loss of much of the hair on his hind end.  Missie had a growth on her foot that was feared to be a Mast Cell tumor.  Without surgery and ongoing treatment, this invasive cancer is likely to spread and result in early death.
Boysie is nearly blind.  He relies on Missie to guide him in unfamiliar surroundings.  Boysie chivalrously waits for Missie to pass through doors before him so that he knows the passage is clear.  Missie enjoys being Boysie’s service dog and rarely lets him out of her sight.  They sleep together at night (and during the day; they are pugs after all).  She regularly kisses him all over his face. 

Under the care of Compassionate Pug, Missie had surgery to remove the growth on her foot.  Miraculously, the growth was not Mast Cell Disease.  She takes daily anti-inflammatory medication, but otherwise is in great shape.  In addition to tending to Boysie, Missie loves rolling in the grass, bounding around like a puppy and squeaking her toys.  She is friendly and
affectionate.  She loves belly rubs and petting of her silky fur.  She has
perfected the Sad-Pug Face, but has an infectious smile.

Boysie has a regal demeanor.  He is charming and well mannered.  He
ignores the pandemonium from the rest of our grumble that ensues when the doorbell rings.   He does not beg for food.  He suffers from extremely dry eyes causing very little vision.  He receives daily eye drops which make him more comfortable.  He knows it is time to eat when he hears the other pugs announcing the event; he meanders to his meal using his excellent sense of smell.  He sleeps stretched out imperially on his bed with Missie snuggled up close.  Boysie searches for us by putting his front paws on the sofa and crying forlornly.  When he finds someone, he cuddles into their lap, nuzzles them with his big face, and rolls over for a belly rub.  He whimpers if they stop caressing him.  Never having an accident in the house, Boysie barks majestically to alert us that he needs to go outside.   
Going outside to relieve his bladder is key to this tale.  After entering
Compassionate Pug’s care, during Boysie’s routine medical work up, his
veterinarian diagnosed him with possible bladder stones and a diseased

Compassionate Pug coordinated Boysie’s complex surgery.  His vet removed the diseased kidney, but sadly discovered cancer in his bladder.  Boysie takes daily medication in the hope of slowing the cancerous growth.  The prognosis is the tumor will ultimately grow and close off his ureter rendering Boysie unable to urinate. We monitor his trips outside closely, since on the day when Boysie can no longer urinate, we will have to say goodbye. We will all be left heartbroken.

As his hospice family, we are grateful to Compassionate Pug Rescue for
underwriting the surgeries and ongoing veterinary care for this lovely pair.
We celebrate this royal romance each day that has been granted by the
generosity of the supporters of Compassionate Pug Rescue.  We hope this
wonderful relationship continues long into the future. 


Hi pug friends. My name is Dino or affectionately called Dino the Dinosaur. I am an adorable 12 year old handsome senior and loving fospice! I get along with other dogs (especially pugs) and kids. I am a huge love bug. I will get attached to anyone that gives me pets and scratches and love. As you see I have big peepers (they add to my great personality) I have eye drops I need 2 times a day. I have some arthritis in my spine so I’m on medication to help me. I will go outside and love my short walks.

I love to be right next to mom on the couch and bed but I can’t jump up or down. I do like to catch my Z’s, snuggle up close and be pet.

Lots of snorts,

DTD (Dino The Dinosaur)

Kublai Khan

Kublai Khan was surrendered at 15 years old when his owner went into assisted living. His devoted foster mom calls this sweet senior gentleman Kubbie. He is very laid back and enjoys sleeping food and treats. He has some back leg issues and is on daily meds for arthritis (Rimadyl) and eye drops (tacrolimus). Kubbie has come a long way since he has been here and once in a while enjoys laying on the couch with us next to Sid. But most of the time he enjoys his very large bed or sleeping on the floor next to his foster moms feet to know where she is at all times. CPR is grateful for Kubbie’s foster mommy and our vets that provide all of our seniors with wonderful care. Kubbie knows he will live out his life with love. Isn’t that what we all want? Thank you for checking in to see me!