Volunteers Needed!

Some dogs require a lot of care including trips to the vet (sometimes multiple vets).  Our foster families are normal everyday families and schedules often include work, children, etc. Our foster families may not be able to transport the pups to and from appointments, events, shelters, etc.  If you are a licensed, insured Florida driver with dependable means of transportation and would like to help us in this area, please fill out our Volunteer Application below and indicate what areas you would be able transport to/from.

We occasionally have the opportunity to participate in rescue events at places like Petco.  It usually involves manning a booth and providing information on the group and the breed in general. It’s an excellent way to raise awareness of rescue groups and is a lot of fun. Volunteers are key since some store events have more than one location. Of course leashed Pugs are welcome to accompany their owners!

As CPR grows, we are also getting more involved in fundraising.  Our organization is run solely on the generosity of our supporters through donations.  Fundraising is what will keep our organization saving the lives of the many pugs in need.  Anyone with a desire to help is welcome.

Other Areas:
If you have an idea or special talent you’d like to offer, please fill out and submit our Volunteer Application below. We’d love to hear from you.

Volunteer Application

  • The following questions are required only for Foster Home Applicants. All others may jump to Verification and Submit. Thank you!