The Pug Dog Breed

1390504_636515986399316_2040428712_nThe American Kennel Club describes the Pug as, “an even-tempered breed, exhibiting stability, playfulness, great charm, dignity, and an outgoing, loving disposition.” Perfect description. They weigh 14 to 18 pounds and have a double coat of fawn or black. They DO shed significantly! You’ll be happy with another breed if that is a concern for you.

The Pug comes from the ancient East, an offshoot of the same breeding that eventually produced the Pekingese. Like Pekes, Pugs are brachycephalic – have pushed in faces – so they require special care and consideration, especially here in Florida. The short face means shorter airways, making Pugs very inefficient at panting, a dog’s only cooling mechanism. Because of this, they are NOT outdoor dogs, nor are they athletic animals. Familiarize yourself with the signs of heat stroke before your dog comes home.

As the AKC standard mentions, Pugs are very loving, outgoing dogs. All pets need interaction and affection, but Pugs thrive on companionship. Any living thing with unmet needs will develop problems. If the need is for attention, the problem will usually be in behavior. Each animal is different, but overall Pugs tend to attach well to other dogs once the “pack order” is established.

With love and care from you and annual check-ups from your veterinarian, your Pug will be with your for many years.

** Click here to read more about the Pug breed from Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption’s president, Pam Mayes.