In Memory of…


What a handsome guy

Rufus recently crossed the rainbow bridge at the ripe ole’ age of 14 (almost 15!). He brought us so much joy and was loved beyond measure. Our world is forever changed by him.

Loved by all

He was adopted in 2011 and had a great life and was loved by all. He will be forever missed.

Rufus hangin’ on the couch

Lola the Puggle

Sadly, we had to help Lola go to the Rainbow Bridge in October 2020. We look forward to the day when we can all meet again… Until that day, rest in peace beautiful Lola. You will be greatly missed.

Lola is a sweet senior Puggle who was surrendered at the age of 13. Soon
after she was diagnosed with diabetes, followed by cataracts in both eyes.
It took her a bit to get used to the injections but now she takes them with
ease as well as her special eye medication from the ophthalmologist.

Although Lola is mostly blind she quickly learned the lay of the land. She
is a good girl and lets you know when it’s time for her to go out. She knows
where everything is and will wait in-front of the door to go out.

She loves her giant fluffy bed and often spends the day dreaming in it.

She loves going on short walks around the neighborhood. Even though she’s
arthritic she is surprisingly agile and has a lot of energy for a senior

Breakfast and Dinner are her favorite times of the day. She will let you
know when it’s time to eat by staring with her adorable saucer eyes and lets
out a sweet Puggle  bark. She wags her tail and dances in a circle when she
knows she is about to fed.”

Compassionate Pug Rescue is grateful for foster parents like Lola’s who open
their homes and hearts to all of our special pugs and puggles!
We couldn’t save them without you!



RIP Petey 05/31/19 ~ Fly High, Free and Whole Again xoxo

Petey was the sweetest little boy with spinal problems and was incontinent. When Petey came to CPR Christmas day 2015, he had a wobbly walk. After an MRI by Dr. Wong, it was determined he had disc problems in his neck. Petey was blind and had to have one eye removed.  This little guy had spirit and spunk. He was so sweet and he loved his belly rubs after dinner every night in his loving foster moms arms.


RIP Tommy ~ 05/16/19

Until we meet again at the Rainbow bridge sweet boy…   xoxo

Tommy was a sweet boy who ended up at animal control at the time in his life he needed the most love and care. Although Tommy was deaf and blind, a gentle touch and cuddle meant the world to him! Tommy had a crisis when he first came in and spent a few days in ICU but had recovered nicely. Tommy’s foster mom said he liked to explore the backyard and sleep on the sofa with his brother.  He liked being with his family and sitting on their laps.

Thank you to Tommy’s foster family and to all those that support CPR so that we can continue to provide a loving home for pugs like Tommy.