Missie and Boysie

Missie and Boysie are engaged in a tragic love story and are a bonded pair.
They came to Compassionate Pug Rescue as owner surrender euthanasia requests probably due to fears of significant medical issues and the ensuing costs of veterinary care.  Boysie was covered in motor oil possibly as a failed flea treatment.  The results were severe skin irritation that caused loss of much of the hair on his hind end.  Missie had a growth on her foot that was feared to be a Mast Cell tumor.  Without surgery and ongoing treatment, this invasive cancer is likely to spread and result in early death.
Boysie is nearly blind.  He relies on Missie to guide him in unfamiliar surroundings.  Boysie chivalrously waits for Missie to pass through doors before him so that he knows the passage is clear.  Missie enjoys being Boysie’s service dog and rarely lets him out of her sight.  They sleep together at night (and during the day; they are pugs after all).  She regularly kisses him all over his face. 

Under the care of Compassionate Pug, Missie had surgery to remove the growth on her foot.  Miraculously, the growth was not Mast Cell Disease.  She takes daily anti-inflammatory medication, but otherwise is in great shape.  In addition to tending to Boysie, Missie loves rolling in the grass, bounding around like a puppy and squeaking her toys.  She is friendly and
affectionate.  She loves belly rubs and petting of her silky fur.  She has
perfected the Sad-Pug Face, but has an infectious smile.

Boysie has a regal demeanor.  He is charming and well mannered.  He
ignores the pandemonium from the rest of our grumble that ensues when the doorbell rings.   He does not beg for food.  He suffers from extremely dry eyes causing very little vision.  He receives daily eye drops which make him more comfortable.  He knows it is time to eat when he hears the other pugs announcing the event; he meanders to his meal using his excellent sense of smell.  He sleeps stretched out imperially on his bed with Missie snuggled up close.  Boysie searches for us by putting his front paws on the sofa and crying forlornly.  When he finds someone, he cuddles into their lap, nuzzles them with his big face, and rolls over for a belly rub.  He whimpers if they stop caressing him.  Never having an accident in the house, Boysie barks majestically to alert us that he needs to go outside.   
Going outside to relieve his bladder is key to this tale.  After entering
Compassionate Pug’s care, during Boysie’s routine medical work up, his
veterinarian diagnosed him with possible bladder stones and a diseased

Compassionate Pug coordinated Boysie’s complex surgery.  His vet removed the diseased kidney, but sadly discovered cancer in his bladder.  Boysie takes daily medication in the hope of slowing the cancerous growth.  The prognosis is the tumor will ultimately grow and close off his ureter rendering Boysie unable to urinate. We monitor his trips outside closely, since on the day when Boysie can no longer urinate, we will have to say goodbye. We will all be left heartbroken.

As his hospice family, we are grateful to Compassionate Pug Rescue for
underwriting the surgeries and ongoing veterinary care for this lovely pair.
We celebrate this royal romance each day that has been granted by the
generosity of the supporters of Compassionate Pug Rescue.  We hope this
wonderful relationship continues long into the future.