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chase“Chase and Belle are best friends! They do everything together. We just moved to a beautiful two bedroom apartment with my mom so now they are rarely ever by themselves. They love the new apartment and spend hours on the patio looking at the lake.

I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is my little man. Everyone loves him! He sleeps on the pillow next to my head every night and Belle sleeps right next to him.

I love him and am so thankful that CPR brought him to me : )”



ollie“Upon meeting Ollie he had lots of energy for a senior pug, and he was always panting as if to smile. I just adored him so I rescue him that same day. At first the little guy had some difficulties, corneal spots, overweight, bladder stones, and the worst, seizures, but I am determined to give him all of the best care he needs.

Some of the highlights of his personality are just incredible to me. He’s soooo hilarious! Always panting which I consider smiling, and he loves to play chase. I grab his paws, he tries to bite me, playing of course, then he runs away and comes back for more. I LOVE this pug. And I’m so happy I adopted him, that he has brought me so much joy and laughter along with the icing on the cake as being a reminder of Angelina. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I am happy Compassionate Pug Rescue advised me to consider a senior and I just wish I could adopt more pugs. Love the breed, their moxie, laziness, and passion for foods is just so endearing to me. Thanks CPR for rescuing Ollie and for giving him to me. I couldn’t imagine a better match!”

Little Ollie is indeed blessed. I am constantly awed for the amazing adopters that our “special needs” pugs have to love them -no matter what.

Priscilla as you read above would move heaven and earth to make her pugs happy and healthy!

Let’s keep this special boy and his mom in our thoughts …


boomerIn Loving Memory

Age: 13 years old
Gender: Mslr

Hi All,

My name is Boomer. I am 13 years young.. unfortunately, my people moved away and they could not take me with them. I was an only dog, left alone most of the day by myself. I was pretty bored and lonesome…so when they brought me to Compassionate Pugs to find me a forever home, I was elated.

Right now I am in a foster home and am being spoiled beyond my wildest dreams. My foster mom feeds me the best food…anyone hear of Spot’s Stew? Well, since I have been on this food, my skin and coat look great! (That’s why I look so young). I will say that I simply love to eat…so much so that you will always find me sitting in the kitchen…waiting for food.

My foster mom has two other dogs…I get along great with them. I have just one little problem, but it is not really a problem…my hearing is not as it used to be. When she calls for the other dogs to go outside, I follow them or my foster mom will motion for me to go out and we all run out together. I am 100% toilet trained, and know how to tell you when I want to go outside.

My foster mom will be very sad to see me go as she has fallen deeply in love with me, but that’s life and I need to be in a permanent home where I can have stability. I am a good dog and I will make you laugh…you should see me sit up like a person…everyone that meets me can’t get over it. I have a face you just want to love. I promise I will make you smile!!!


lolitaIn Loving Memory

Gender: Female

It is with great sadness to report to you that Lolita crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

Ester and Mark Dichter who adopted Angi’s Buddy, opened their hearts and home to foster Lolita on Saturday after she spent two nights at Dr. Barbosa’s office. This morning she was in respiratory distress and I met them over at Hollywood Animal Hospital where Dr. Sessa was between surgeries and said she was “dying”. Her gums were pale and she was struggling.

During the three days she spent with the Dichter’s, she was so loved and had 24/7 care and attention. She didn’t die abandoned at a shelter. She died knowing that people loved and cared for her in her final days.