boomerIn Loving Memory

Age: 13 years old
Gender: Mslr

Hi All,

My name is Boomer. I am 13 years young.. unfortunately, my people moved away and they could not take me with them. I was an only dog, left alone most of the day by myself. I was pretty bored and lonesome…so when they brought me to Compassionate Pugs to find me a forever home, I was elated.

Right now I am in a foster home and am being spoiled beyond my wildest dreams. My foster mom feeds me the best food…anyone hear of Spot’s Stew? Well, since I have been on this food, my skin and coat look great! (That’s why I look so young). I will say that I simply love to eat…so much so that you will always find me sitting in the kitchen…waiting for food.

My foster mom has two other dogs…I get along great with them. I have just one little problem, but it is not really a problem…my hearing is not as it used to be. When she calls for the other dogs to go outside, I follow them or my foster mom will motion for me to go out and we all run out together. I am 100% toilet trained, and know how to tell you when I want to go outside.

My foster mom will be very sad to see me go as she has fallen deeply in love with me, but that’s life and I need to be in a permanent home where I can have stability. I am a good dog and I will make you laugh…you should see me sit up like a person…everyone that meets me can’t get over it. I have a face you just want to love. I promise I will make you smile!!!