Napoleon came to Compassionate Pug Rescue in July 2016 as a stray who was held at Miami
Dade Animal Services. When he was found, Napoleon was thought to be approximately 7 years old. He has been with his foster family since CPR pulled Napoleon from Animal Services in 2016. Initially, it was thought that Napoleon had a hip issue that would resolve with some weight loss (he was a little overweight when he came to his foster family). However, it became apparent that he did not have hip issues, but instead a spinal issue. Due to these spinal issues, Napoleon drags his back legs when he walks. When he’s motivated by food, he’s able to take 6-8 steps on his back legs, but most of the time, he utilizes his front legs to propel his body while his back legs trail behind him. He is incontinent of bowel due to his condition. In addition, he has difficulty controlling and fully emptying his bladder. Napoleon wears belly bands always as he sometimes loses control of his bladder when he’s walking or even at rest. He is unable to fully empty his bladder, which causes frequent UTI’s and visits to the vet. His foster family assists him by expressing his bladder. He also is prone to ear infections and requires daily drops to his eyes. Due to Napoleon’s many health issues, Compassionate Pug Rescue decided he requires permanent foster care with the family who has fostered him since 2016.

Despite his mobility issues, Napoleon has a great pug personality! He has 3 pug brothers, a lab
brother, and a lab sister that he loves spending time with. He has been known to attempt to playfully wrestle his lab brother at times. While the other dogs are walking on a leash, Napoleon loves having the wind blow on his face as he’s pushed down the sidewalk in a cart by his human sister. On trips to the dog park, Napoleon loves to lay in the grass and soak in the sun. Napoleon loves to eat and serves as the daily alarm for feeding as he barks at the same time everyday to remind his foster family that it’s dinner time. As all pugs do, Napoleon loves to snuggle on the couch with his foster family. Napoleon loves to have his head and belly scratched. He follows the humans throughout the house as daily tasks are completed.