vaderI just wanted to give you another update on Vader…especially now that he is all settled in and that he is 7 months old today!

My other two have accepted him and love him.  He is sooooo sweet.  He is very affectionate and will not go anywhere unless I am there with him.  (Even when he eats I have to sit next to him).  He is a good boy and always lets us know when he has to potty.  He will scratch at the back door, very cute!  Every night he has to sleep in my arms…not my lap, but my arms…like a baby! It’s very cute, but I have to admit that for being so small, he sure snores louder than my other two!

His sharp nails are no longer an issue.  I was going to order those nail covers for him, but after three days of walking outside on a leash, they are smooth and short.  (Makes me think he never went on leash walks…he wasn’t good with walking on a leash at first, but now he is a natural!)

I was worried at first about getting another pug, but now that I have Vader, I can’t see it any other way. I’m just so glad I found him.

Thank you.

Courtney, Brian and the Pugs!