Rosie Rose

rosie-roseHi Everyone, I’m Rosie, but my new momma calls me “Rosie Rose”, I’ve only been with my new family for a couple of days (2/9/09) and i’m already having lots of fun, but I do still love my foster Momma Melissa, she rescued me and she was so good and kind to me and all the other Puggies that were rescued. Last weekend she took me to a fund raising event for CPR, and guess what ?  that’s were I met my new family – yeah !!!!!

I haven’t had a great start in life, you can see that by my terrible pictures, but then a miracle happened and CPR rescued me. I just feel very sad for all the other doggies that are being abused.

Anyway, my new family is my Momma, my 2 new big brothers, “Pugsy & Seymour” (you can read all about them in “Happy Endings” too), and another brother that I think is called a “cat” , he’s nearly as small as me and he makes a funny noise, not like a bark at all !

I now get to sleep in late on my Mommas big bed, and I can play all the time if I wanted to, but I just love snuggling up with my Momma (and my brothers) for kisses and cuddles (Momma just loves to kiss me, I think it must be a human thing ! ), and my brothers are carefull not to be rough with me, as they know that I need lots of TLC.

Anyway, I have to go now, my Momma wants to write something too, love & kisses to everyone at CPR “Rosie Rose” XXOOXX

Thank you everyone at CPR for the fantastic work that you do in rescueing these poor defenceless doggies.  As you knnow, I got Pugsy from you 3 years ago (May 2006) and Pugsy helped me get through a lot of turmoil in the life the following year, infact he was the only thing that kept me going.  Then Seymour came next in June 2008, and to be honest I thought that I had reached my limit with 2, but with Pugsy’s epilepsy getting worse, he might not have many more years left and so when I saw both Mary and Rosie on Saturday, I thought my heart strings would break and I knew the time had come for a little special girl to join the “pack”.

Thank you so much CPR, for everything that you do, I don’t know how you do it, and how you deal with all the suffering you see, and thankyou for bringing even more purpose to my life, through my furry “Kids”, they mean everything to me.


Pugsy, Seymour, Rosie Rosie and Pharo.