roscoeHi everyone, it is me Roscoe. I used to be named Haruki, but I didn’t answer to that and my new kids wanted to call me Roscoe.  I think it suits me really well.

I have settled in nicely with my Mom and 2 kids.  My Mom lets me follow her around everywhere and as you can see I have a very comfy place to sleep – I’m king of the castle. I get to help Brayden with his homework and I love to give kisses and play with Delaney.

I’m a really great dog (as they keep telling me) and I love being here as much as they love having me.  I can tell this home is used to having pugs around because they know exactly what I want and need at all times.  I’m so happy here in my Furrever home.  Thank you CPR for finding me the perfect fit!