rileyI can’t tell you how much joy he has brought not only into my life but also into Paris’. The two of them typically play and take turns chasing each other for about 10 minutes after dinner and they’ve even been known to snuggle up together on the dog beds when they’re absolutely exhausted. I’ve nicknamed him my “little monster” for all of those great Pug noises he makes. Everyone he meets in the elevators he befriends and we even occasionally run into Rocky and Rosa (another Compassionate Pug Adoption) on our walks. Riley has even discovered that he enjoys affection and will line up or push his way between Paris and I if he hears those “kissing noises.”

Your e-mail yesterday reminded me just how much I treasure and adore my pets and can’t even imagine how any dog could end up in the kind of condition those in the photos did. Thank you for your part in making sure these wonderful animals end up in good homes and thank you for finding Paris and I the perfect match we’d been looking for!

I’ve attached a couple of new photos for you too! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance in any way.

Best regards,

Jennifer, Paris and Riley