ravenI thank God for the Pug Rescue. I adopted Raven from Compassionate Pug Rescue and was the best thing after loosing all my puggers in the last 4 years that were also rescues and very much older when they come into my home. After having them for many many years, the Rainbow Bridge had to come and take them from me… I was devastated as I lost them one by one due to old age illness’s and just old age. And when I lost my last one, Gizmo… my heart was lost and empty. The Love of a Pug… I was lost.

Then Raven came into my life, she is the joy of my life, she’s young and full of spunk. She’s the best behaved dog, and knows a few tricks and loves loves her squeaky toy… the Meryl. I think… lol. I can’t image why somebody would abandon her without calling a rescue… just to let her go in the city. But God has a reason for that… to become soul mates with me. She’s a treasure and my new joy. Compassionate Pug Rescue, your a God send along with the other rescues across the country. Thank you Marcia and Meryl!

xoxo Laura Jo Smith, Naples, Florida