oliveOlive: Life is good, I am a very happy Pug! Just the other day I was telling my human mom, Jakes, how I happy and cozy in my new home. Sometimes on my morning walk, I reflect on my life. I am a lucky girl, I have so many friends now, both human and canine. The humans love to rub my belly and tell me that I am cute (which I am)! I even got invited to a party!  Of course I was the princess of the party! Talk about popular! I also feel that I have a lot more energy now. I wish that Jakes would give me a more food, and that yummy food that she eats too, but I know that I have to be on my diet! By the way I have lost 3 lbs, not bad for a little one like me. So that’s my up-date, talk to you later… Must get my beauty rest!

Jakes: Life is good, I am a very happy human! Just the other day I was telling Olive how I am so happy that she is a part of my family! She is a totally different pug these days! Her energy level is up, and she is slim and trim! Olive is enjoying her life, and I am enjoying her. I tell her everyday how happy I am that she is in my life, and I think she understands!