oliveFor about five months I scanned the web every single day in hopes of veiwing a pug I would immediately fall in love with. I had seen Mary (now Olive) a couple of times, but was unsure of how I felt about her.

Fortunately for Olive and I, the wonderful people at Compassionate Pug Rescue set up a fabulous event where people could come see the lovely pugs in person. I thought I saw all of them, and as I was on my way out a girl holding a tiny sleeping pug (Olives foster mommy, who happened to be named Nicole too) let me know that there was one more I hadn’t seen.

I walked over, she opened her foggy blue eyes for about 3 seconds and let out this powerful snort, at that moment I knew she was the pug for me. Olive and I are basically in love. She snores like a maniac, walks all over my face when I’m asleep, and isn’t in perfect health: just some of the reasons I love her as much as I do.

She loves to cuddle with me, and play with her toys, and for such a small pug this girl really loves to eat. I couldn’t be happier, and I would do anything for her! She’s really happy, and so appreciative. The best part of my day is when I come home to her going absolutely crazy for me. We were meant to be! The End.