napoleonAfter we went through the pain of watching our beloved pug, Darcy, deteriorate through her final illness, I decided that I would not get another pug because I did not want to face having to again say goodbye.  My wife convinced me, however, that I could not really live without a pug in my life, and so, after we sadly said goodbye to Darcy, I contacted CPR.

We wound up adopting Napoleon, who is the sweetest most gentle dog one could ever want. We immediately fell in love with him.  He loves our early morning pre sunrise beach walks off leash, and from the first night we had him he slept on our bed through the night.

He learned within 15 minutes to use our dog door so he can play in our walled in back yard with our Yorkie-Poo, with whom he is getting along just great.

We want to express our gratitude to CPR for giving us the opportunity to be able to give Napoleon a forever home, and to share our lives with this wonderful pug.