moeHello CPR and fans!

It’s me, Goliven, reporting on my new home.  I really like it here!!!! My new family is very nice.  They have a big yard, and they let me go outside and poke around.  They like to go for walks a lot, and we have gone for a walk every day!  They take care that I don’t get too hot or too tired; I think that’s nice. I have a new bed, new toys, a new collar, and a new name.  They have started calling me “Moe” which I don’t mind.  I think I look like a “Moe”.  Besides, I didn’t respond to Goliven anyway. They can call me what they want, as long as they don’t call me late for dinner!

My mommy loves to snuggle with me, and she picks me up to snuggle a lot.  I love to cuddle with her.  I’m on my best behavior.  I have sat and listened, and have gone potty only outside.  My new parents keep saying they are “very impressed” with CPR and with me!  Yay!

I have two doggie brothers, a Maltese mix named Klyde, and a pug named Wilson.  We have fun together and sleep in our doggie beds every night in the living room.  I have a human sister named Kristen.  She’s 17.  I keep following her around, and she’s nice too.  I really like my new family, and check it out:  They say they’re in love with me!  Yay!

Anyway, I wanted you to know how I am, and to send some pics. Thanks for your help and lots of love to Momma Courtney (my foster mom)and Grandma Diane (my foster grandma).


Moe (As in Moe love, Moe food, Moe fun)

Formerly Goliven