maggieAnd then there were three…

Our little gal, Darby age 9, was feeling lonely after loosing her pug buddy two years ago. She had gained weight and was very lethargic. Enter CPR and Marcia to find the right companion for Darby.

Our precious Maggie came to us in January with eye problems and skin allergies. She was 16 pounds and missing some of her hair. The wonderful people at CPR put her on the road to recovery and then we adopted her.

From the moment she walked into our home, she was Darby’s best friend and my little shadow. Today she has gained weight and has all of her hair back.
Maggie is happy, feisty, and an absolute joy.

With such success we just had to have another pug in our lives. So in April we adopted beautiful, little Molly (A.K.A. Sushi). Molly is Bruce’s shadow and loves to sit by him and watch TV. She gets along with her pug sisters and never leaves our side when we are reading or working on the computer.

Molly has lost a few pounds and our vet says she is healthy and fit.

The three “girls” as we call them love their mile walk every morning and evening. They like to run in the yard and line up when it is bath time.

Breakfast and dinner time is a riot as they run in circles and then go to their spots waiting to be served. No dog beds or crates in our house! They each have claimed a spot on the family room couch and know furniture is off limits unless the blanket is down.

And our Darby.. she has lost four pounds, can walk with the youngsters, and is more playful then ever. Thank you CPR for giving us more joy then we could ever imagine.

The Leonards