Herbie and Angus

herbie-and-angusAngus and I thought it was time to let all of our friends at Compassionate Pugs know just how sweet life can be when a couple of Senior Pugs find their perfect forever home.  It’s like hitting the Lottery but the payoff is in love.  We had a couple of accidents in the house when we first arrived but we are getting used to the schedule and Eddy made sure we knew there would be no yelling or spankings here so we are really trying hard to be perfect Pugs for him and Lulu.

When Angus and I (Herbie) arrived at Lulu & Eddy’s house we thought this was just another stop on our long trip to our forever home, boy were we wrong.

It was love at first smooch.  As soon as we got the lay of the land we were given the run of the house, no gates, fences or closed doors.  We have a nifty drinking fountain that we share with Luvey the cat, but that’s OK we all get along just fine.  We have two Pug sized beds, one in the living room and one in the bedroom where we sleep at night (on Saturday mornings we sleep on the big bed with Mum and Dad and Luvey).  Did I mention a lot of toys that we are getting used to; we have not played in so long we forgot how much fun it was. Luvey and I are trying to play together but we have not figured out yet how too!

Last week all of us went to the vet for our checkup and we all were given a clean bill of health.  We are gaining our weight back and our bodies are filling out just fine and the vet was happy with our progress and our great attitude, yep a Pug with an attitude go figure.  Our dad has been making us homemade dog food and treats that are perfect for two pampered Pugs like us.

Hope to see all our friends at the next pug event.

Love & Smooches

Herbie the Pug & Angus the Great