hankOnce again Marcia called needing a place for Hank to stay for 2 weeks while his foster family went on vacation.  The kids and I were taking a break from fostering after having pug puppies here because we needed our house to get back to some sort of “normalcy” and Jr was acting out.  But of course I said yes, I am a sucker for pugs and Hank was soooo sick and needed a place to rest.

So in walks Hank full of every worm imaginable, emaciated, disc problems, spondylosis, timid, and snorting and snoring louder than even my father.  Zoey and Jr weren’t thrilled and Tuzak thought he was his own personal bowling ball rolling him down the hallway, grabbing him with his mouth and pulling him back up, licking his eyes and face to death – problem being Hank had to be kept “quiet” while recovering from his severe heartworm.  Yikes what did I get myself into?

Two weeks turned into two months.  Hank was very different than most pugs and didn’t demand a ton of attention just wanted to be loved a little and my sister, mom and I did just that but I knew I couldn’t keep him (4 dogs was just too many) so we began looking for Hanks very own perfect family (that’s my job as a CPR volunteer). Then Hank took a turn for the worse, had trouble walking, and was given a “guarded diagnosis”.

Meanwhile everyone in my house was getting closer and closer (I was even getting pug piles with jr!) It was then I realized he was home, safe, with his mommy, sister and brothers.  I now have to take 2 walks but it is so worth it. He’s such a doll baby.  A huge thank you to Irene at Senior Pug Rescue for finding Hank and saving him, to his first foster parents Suzi and Joe, to my wonderful friend Stacey who cleaned him and brought him to the east coast, and last but not least to an amazing woman – Marcia and CPR for making dreams come true.  Just as promised before, we promise to take the best care of him, never let him be abused again, and fill his life with all the things puggies are sposta have.  Hankernoodledoodle has found his forever home and I am proud to say is getting stronger and stronger everyday!