chunkSo, let me tell you about Chunk. At first, Chunk was a bit wary, as he had been re-homed several times already. You should have seen the sad look he gave his foster mom and his brother, Willie, as we drove away with him. At first, and for some months to come, Chunk was fearful of my husband, Bob, although he was always kind to him.

Well, fast-forward to the present, and Chunk is much loved, and loves us back whole heartedly. Chunk and his sister Muffin, follow our Melissa everywhere, she calls them her “kids.” (They follow and curl up with me when Melissa is not around- so I am so I am second choice! LOL) They sleep with her in bed nightly, of course, often under the covers. Chunk spends his days constantly with Muffin and Scottie Boo. They wrestle and play both indoors and out whenever they are not curled up together sleeping. We all adore Chunk, and the feeling is mutual! He really is a Chunk of Love, as his foster mommy, Melissa Edelman named him when he was a new pup. Whenever we pick Chunk up, he twists around so he is facing you, and puts him arms around our necks for a hug. Muffin has this goofy grin, while Chunk has a more serious look. One day, I dubbed him President Woodrow Wilson as he regarded me with that serious look of his. Missy looked up a picture of president Wilson, and we nearly died laughing when we found that Chunk actually did sort of resemble him. When I look at Chunk curled up in a pile with Muffin napping, it truly does feel meant to be. He will never be “re-homed” again!

Thanks for all you do.

Pug hugs,

Candy, Bob, Melissa, Chunk and Muffin!