bunnieDear CPR,

On behalf of my new family and myself, I wish to thank you and all of the volunteers at CPR for placing me in my new home.  Thanks to your compassion and your monetary support I was able to have cataract surgery and lens implants which brought the great wide world back to me.  I can see fire hydrants and ducks from a long way away now!  Oh boy!  I love my new family too!  My new brother Rocky opened his home and his heart to me.  He plays with me and naps with me and protects me and gets in trouble with me too.

My new mommy and daddy take real good care of me.  My favorite thing is when mommy goes to the kitchen to make dinner.  I am sure to get some lettuce or a piece of broccoli if I follow her in there.  As for daddy, I love to pester him when he has strawberries!  They really taste good.  When he rubs my belly I fall fast asleep and snore with utter contentment.

Anyway, I just want you to keep up the good work.  CPR has been a blessing to me and my new family.