baconWe would like to take the time to say thank you for the wonderful job you guys did with Bacon. She was a member of our family within the first few seconds we saw her, and we never could have given her the wonderful and healthy life she has now without your help. As a senior pug, we were concerned about her health issues, and her ability to live an active life.

Once she received help with her medical disabilities, and were able to tend her back to health, she has been nothing but a re-found puppy. We try not to think of the pain and suffering she dealt with before coming into rescue.

She has become the center of our family, and we can not get home quick enough to spend the days with her. We can tell that with the help she has received from you guys, and the love she has received from us, that she has many more years in front of her. We hope to continue to stay in touch with you and we will always be willing to help. We had no idea that we were missing something so important in our lives. Our parents call us just to check on “Bakes”. She is spoiled and well deserves it.

I would recommend that everyone should take in a senior pug. They are so loving, and so thankful for any attention and effort that you give them. We keep promising her that what is left of her life, will be wonderful and meaningful. Just as she has added so much meaning to our lives as well. Thank you again, and I am so glad to report that this is a wonderful happy beginning for all of us.

Debbie and Eric