babyHi Everyone! My name is Baby and no I’m not a Pug. That didn’t stop Compassionate Pug Rescue from saving me from death row on August 11, 2007. That’s right I was going to be put down for no other reason than overcrowding! 🙁

My new Dad told my Mom that he didn’t want a dog, so my Mom had to pull a fast one to save me. She told him that she needed some milk and was going to run to Publix and she would be right back. Well, she came back three hours later with me! My Mom knew my Dad wouldn’t be mad and it took him 30 seconds to fall in love with me too. Now my Dad kisses me, hugs me, and loves me as much as my Mom.

When I got to my new home I was a total mess! My ears were severely infected, I had ticks all over my body, my fur was totally matted, and I was so very skinny!

In two months I have gained 15 lbs., my ears are great, and my coat is so beautiful.

My life is really wonderful now. I have a large yard where I can run and play, I have tons of toys, and my favorite part of all, I go to the dog park every day! No one can believe that I am a rescue dog! No one can believe that someone gave me up, but that’s ancient history because I now have a forever home!

If I could talk I would tell everyone to go out and rescue a pet and give them a forever home too! Also, I would tell everyone to donate to a local rescue and of course I am totally partial to for obvious reasons!!!

It looks like my Mom is getting ready to take me to the park, so I have to go now.

With Love,