Pearl aka Luvie Update!

First, we’d like thank all those that have donated toward Pearl a/k/a Luvie’s care! We are so grateful for our supporter’s generosity. So far we have been able to collect nearly $1,000 of the $3,000 that we anticipate needing for her. Thank you!

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Now for the great news! We are thrilled to let you all know that Pearl a/k/a Luvie was feeling well enough to leave the 24 hr care facility and got to go home to her foster-to-adopt family to continue her treatment at home! We are told that she has a great appetite, is coughing less and is breathing a little better than before.

She is on her way to being healthy enough to have the surgery that she desperately needs to breath more normally!

Thanks again for all of the continued donations, positive thoughts and prayers being sent her way! They are working!
Thank you.
Compassionate Pug Rescue

Pearl a/k/a Luvie, a Pug in Need

Pearl a/k/a Luvie, a Pug in Need

We need your help!
Pearl a/k/a Luvie has a story… It started out on quite a sad note when she was found as a stray back in November 2019. Weighing in at only 12lbs, she was emaciated. She had heartworm disease. She was suffering from vaginal prolapse. All of this on top of not being able to fully breath due to stenotic nares, elongated soft palate and possible everted laryngeal saccules. In other words, there just wasn’t enough room in her air canal to properly pass enough oxygen to her little body.
And so, her story continues… The Vets determined the first order of business would be to address and treat her heartworm disease. She went through the tough and long treatment to overcome it. Once that was done, we prepared to address her inability to properly breath, only to find out that the poor girl had aspirate pneumonia in one of her lungs. She is now being treated with IV antibiotics and fluid removal, by the great doctors at Hollywood Animal Hospital. She will need to stay overnight until her condition improves enough to be able to undergo the necessary surgery to allow her to breath properly.
We know that this little one has been through so much since she’s been with us. We have no idea of knowing what she went through before she came to us. We are certain that she deserves the best that we can do for her.
We can’t let her story end here. Her foster to adopt parents love her very much. We need your help. These procedures are costly. We anticipate in excess of $3,000. Any amount that you can donate will help. We need this so that we can continue to provide care like this for all that need us. These precious little souls deserve it and so much more. If you are unable to donate financially, we ask that you send prayers and positive energy her way. She can use them all.

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Thank you ❤️🐾
Compassionate Pug Rescue