Adoption & Surrender Process

Adoption Processadoption_process_happy_ending_photo1

Compassionate Pug Rescue is an all volunteer organization. The pugs available for adoption are being fostered in the homes of volunteers until they are placed in forever homes. We make every effort to make the best possible match between pug and adopter. If you are not 100% sure you want to adopt, please do not complete an application at this time. We have many pugs that need homes, please understand the commitment we are making to these lives and be absolutely positive you have thought this through and are ready to adopt.

Note: CPR only considers applicants that are Florida residents and 21 years of age or older.  Please read all required steps below before beginning the adoption process. 

  1. Pay a $20.00 non-refundable adoption application processing fee via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay. You may pay by credit card if you would like. Click on Pay Now button below to get started. Make sure you write down your receipt number when you make payment. You will need to input this number on the adoption application.

  2. Prospective adopters submit the adoption application. Please be patient! Keep in mind each application is carefully evaluated and we try to find the best suited match for your family. Do you have room in your home and schedule for a pug? If you live alone and work long hours, the answer is most likely no. Isolation only leads to behavioral problems and usually results in a dog being returned. Is your home appropriate for a pug? Air conditioning is a necessity, as is a safe area for playing outdoors. These issues and others are considered when we go over your application. The information we get from you will also help determine what type of Pug would be best for your household, an active dog or a more laid back one, one that is OK with other dogs or needs to be the lone dog, a male or female, etc. The sex of your dog can depend on other pets in the home.
  3. If you are serious about adopting a pug, please expect interviews, reference checks and a home visit from a CPR volunteer coordinator before an adoption can be completed. It is the policy of CPR to not adopt our rescues into homes with unaltered pets. If your pet is not spayed or neutered and you are unwilling to have it done, please do not continue the application process unless that pet is elderly or an active show dog. Spaying and neutering are in the pets’ best interest. It cuts down on cancers and tumors as well as marking and mounting issues. You can speak to your vet for the benefits of spaying and neutering. The spay/neuter status of all pets are verified through your vet reference.
  4. A CPR rep will contact you and perform a home evaluation. This is a requirement for all adoptions. We have to see the environment the dog will be living in. No exceptions. Once your home evaluation is completed you’ll be eligible for adoption.
  5. CPR will notify you when we find your pug match. Because rescue is so unpredictable, it’s not possible to give you an arrival date. For example, if you have a male dog that is male dog aggressive and need to adopt a female, we can’t always know when you can expect your dog to come home. While we can not guarantee when a placement will take place after you are approved, we need for you to be ready and willing when a rescue that matches your home becomes available.
  6. Welcome home!
    You, your new pug, and a representative of CPR meet. At that time the adoption contract is signed and you pay the adoption fee. We turn over the medical records and prescriptions (if any) and go over the current schedule, diet and so forth. You and your new buddy are on your way home.

Surrender A Pug

If you own or know of a pug that needs rescue, please complete our online surrender form here. If you need to surrender more than one pug, please complete a separate online form for EACH pug. Once you submit the form(s), one of our volunteers will call or email you as soon as possible, or at the latest, within 24 hours. Please understand that we will work as quickly as we can to help your pug(s). We do not have a facility and each pug that comes into our rescue is fostered in our volunteers’ personal homes. Please be patient while we try to help you and your pug.

NOTE: If this is an emergency situation, please call our surrender line at (786) 577-8784 and leave a message.  You will still need to complete our online surrender form so please do that as soon as you can.  When leaving your voice mail, be sure to include your full name, address, phone number and description of your pug and the emergency situation you have.  One of our volunteers will call you as soon as possible.  If your situation is not an emergency, please do not call this line as it takes people away from being able to help with true emergency situations.